your outsourced
business development force

Are you an industrial SME/mid-size company offering high-added-value B2B technology?

Do you have innovative solutions?

Do you want to conquer new markets in France and the rest of Europe, while keeping risks, costs and deadlines under control?

Are you interested in outsourcing all or part of your sales and marketing process?

Our commitment

We use our technical and commercial excellence to optimise your business development strategy, generate leads, secure complex sales, grow your business and save you time.

Your business development,
our mission

Technical sales engineering

To ensure your business development is successful, Xllence performs a detailed analysis of your offering. The first priority for our teams, with their dual technical and commercial expertise, is to fully understand your products, their advantages and their benefits.

Thanks to this in-depth understanding of your technology and your market, we prepare a robust positioning document and a compelling sales pitch.

Building on these solid foundations, we grow your revenue methodically while taking care to reduce risks, costs and deadlines.

Lead generation and marketing

We are experts in all aspects of B2B and industrial lead generation. We apply our skills in a consistent, targeted way, from the tactical plan to the digital strategy.

Our priorities are relevance and effectiveness at all times. We can identify promising targets and approach them methodically, with perseverance and agility.

Complex sales

Our core business is selling technology solutions and complex systems. This requires a detailed knowledge of your customers’ procurement processes and decision-making procedures.

From identifying stakeholders to closing a deal – with all the presentation, sales pitch and negotiation stages in between – our teams leave no stone unturned to seal a contract.

Xllence: transparent and flexible

“Xllence – our teams are always within reach, acting effectively and with agility.”

The 4 stages of business development according to Xllence

Analysis and strategy

Analysing your product and its specific features in detail

Researching the market and the target groups

Preparing a relevant, convincing value proposition

Lead generation

Creating an effective database for potential leads

Reaching the target group with digital marketing

Carrying out agile research that creates value

Negotiation and sales

Identifying decision-makers (power map)

Analysing the procurement process (buyer journey)

Preparing technical and commercial proposals

Negotiating contracts

Account development

Ensuring customer satisfaction

Upselling and optimising revenue

Generating new opportunities

They have chosen the Xllence

Our team

Industrial DNA

Xllence was founded in 2011 by Dib Alameh under the name DA-International Business Development. Building on his career in both France and Germany, his engineering training and his commercial experience, Dib set himself the goal of supporting industrial companies seeking growth in French and European markets.

Technical and commercial expertise

Over the years, Xllence has built its expertise around a multidisciplinary, multicultural team of sales engineers and marketing analysts, specialising in business development for SMEs and mid-market companies in the industrial and new technology sectors.

Sales engineers

With their strong technical culture, our sales engineers thrive on business development, detecting opportunities and making complex sales. Their goal? To grow both your revenues and your customer satisfaction.

Marketing analysts

Rigorous, organised and creative, our marketing analysts take care of identifying and quantifying your targets and carrying out external communications. Their goal? To accelerate sales processes and develop our clients’ reputations in their new markets.


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